Just A Word Or Two More

Blog 2131 – 07.27. 2021

Just A Word Or Two More

It is hard to measure the effect of even a few well-timed, well-chosen words. I like any poet, singer, speaker do not always hit the mark or even the correct note, but I am determined as long as I can to give it my best shot.

Over twenty-one hundred attempts and still at it. What are you trying to prove, one might ask. My answer – the power of just a word or two to entertain, instruct, and encourage. Those of us who have lived seven decades cannot help but have learned a lesson or two that we would like to share with others and spare them if we can a misstep or two. And we have all experienced more than a few down days when an encouraging word would have meant so much. We have also found that in the most sickening of situations that laughter is often the best medicine.

I can only hope in all these to date twenty one hundred and thirty one attempts that I have sometimes made people smile, think, and occasionally lifted their spirits with an encouraging word or two. As the Elvis Costello sings to Alison in the cover song I chose to attach to today’s effort, “My aim is true.” Practice makes perfect they say and so I keep practicing my craft till someday I may have written as my epitaph on a stone above the place where this well worn body rests that has housed my spirit these many years and I hope will a few years more: “Writer, Speaker, and Singer of encouraging words.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White



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