Go Within

Blog 2116 – 07.11.2021

Go Within

I do not believe every word written is true, inspired, or even sensible not even in the so called holy books like the Bible, the Koran, the Book of Mormon etc. I certainly do not claim these daily blogs are without error in whole or in part or that my vision or opinion is always 20/20 or clear on any subject. But, I like today’s picture quote and the quote from the Good Book that is not as it is claimed by some to be always good news.

In a bunch of words I utter aloud every morning as my mantra is the small phrase “I mirror you.” I first came up with it as a something that fit like Fred Rogers 143 that stood for “I love you” and was the body weight he tried to maintain throughout his adult life. “I Mirror You” or 163 is the body weight I am trying to achieve and maintain and my thinking has evolved about what the phrase means to me. At first it was something about seeing ourself in others reflected back at us and sort of a plea, “Don’t get mad at what you see in me for what you see is just a reflection of yourself” but I have come, I think, to see the bigger picture – that all the Universe is just a reflection of that which is inside of us. Often what we perceive on the outside is like a reflection in a dark glass or mirror or as I, a child of the nineteen fifties, like to say a reflection in a dented baby moon. Baby moons were popular hubcap replacements in the fifties. The reflection in a baby moon is already distorted like a convex wide angle mirror, but dent one and the reflection gets really distorted.

Paul in his often quoted passage above says, “Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” With Carl Jung I believe that we live in the midst of a dream and that to look outwardly is only to see dreams, but to look within is to behold the dreamer and to awake to a clearer and fuller knowledge of Who and Whose we truly are.

Billy Shakespeare, also a wise and often inspired guy once had one of the characters in one of his plays say:

Lest you think that I think myself a truly educated man, because I quote a renowned psychiatrist, an Apostle, and a famous English playwright in a single blog let me say as a disclaimer that I have spent way more of my life unlearning things that I was taught than listening to or retaining them. One more New Testament quote for the road like a shot of strong spirits to fortify us for the long and winding road that we all must travel. “…the anointing you receive abides in you. You have no need of anyone to teach you. First John verse 27.

Well, we have heard from the men, now let us here from one of the wisest women that I ever read whose simple answer to the questions and complexities of life was two little words, that say volumes: “Go within.” – Louise Hay.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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