A New And A Better Version Of Ourselves

Blog 2090 – 06.15.2021

A New And A Better Version Of Ourselves

My dad did better than his dad. I hope I have done better than mine. It is the hope of all true fathers to be out done by their children. A mother’s love is incomparable and unconditional. A father’s love has but one caveat or condition – “Do better, be better than me.”

Saturday I started watching the three seasons that have already broadcast of Kevin Cosner’s recent NBC western family drama, Yellowstone. In the tradition of Bonanza and Big Valley it is a western about a big ranch and a parent who hopes to keep it in intact and pass it on to his/her children as it was passed on to them. I have already seen the first two seasons and am one episode into the third season. I recommend it to all as a study in dysfunctional family dynamics. All families are dysfunctional, all parents, and children imperfect, but the potential to be “more” is there in all of us for we are indeed more than the sum of our parts and the totality of our experiences. “Is it not written, ‘Ye are gods.” And whether either the author of the original quote or the one quoting intended “gods” or “god’s” both apply and accurately answer the questions regarding Who and Whose we truly are.

I have mentioned before and will most assuredly again the small medal heart than I carry in my pants pocket as a reminder, like a soldiers dog tag, of who I am and who I belong to. It reads on one side: “Thank you for this day, Spirit” and on the other, “I am Holy, I am Whole.” This is not just true of me, or some number be it some “chosen few”, a hundred and forty-four thousand, or one People or Family in particular. There is but One People, One Family and we are all joint heirs to everything. The First People thought of themselves as custodians of the land, their bodies came from it and retuned to it, Mother Earth, but their spirits soared as the eagles, crows, and hawks and came from and returned to Father Sky.

We have a mother and a father’s love both to comfort and to encourage us to be always that better version of ourselves. It is apparent to any true parent or grandparent that true love is not just unconditional but always demands the one echoed response to perfect love – that we ever dream and become through our children the best version of ourselves.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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