A Woman’s Good Good Heart

Blog 2087 – 06.12.2021

A Woman’s Good Good Heart

When using a pronoun to refer to divinity I try always to use both She and He for as John Mayer’s song Daughters below says, “Boys would be gone without love from a woman’s good good heart.” So, yes, I believe in the Goddess principle. As there is God, the father, in all of us there is also, I believe, Goddess, the mother.

Both men and women often remark that they just cannot understand the “opposite sex.” This is a silly comment and untrue for we all have access to the One Mind, that Universal mind, that sees things from both the male and female perspective. The reason we think ourselves cold, lost, and alone is that we are trying to use only half of our brain, half of our thinking ability and capacity.

I have a little statuette in the medicine cabinet of my little camper trailer. After shaving, brushing my teeth, and combing my hair each morning, and just after applying some underarm deodorant and a squirt, two, or three of cologne, I say aloud to the little statue, “I love you, Mama.” then, “I love you, Daddy.” Then as I close the cabinet door and stare into those familiar eyes looking back at me, I say, “I love you, Baby.” It is my little ritual of covering all the bases. God the Universe is love, is all in all, is everyone and everything and He, She, We are worthy of worship and love.

Many have been taught the idea of a masculine, angry, vindictive, and rather jealous god. Angry, vindictive, and jealous are not loving characteristics though often thought to be male. Thank Heaven, the Universe also has a softer side and we. I have no room any longer in my life for guilt religions. Some believe hell is an eternal place of self recrimination that we consign ourselves to because we cannot forgive ourselves.

It was Ego who first introduced fear into the perfect paradise that Father/Mother God created for her children. “We hid ourselves because we were naked (afraid).” “They who fear are not made perfect in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” Another famous quote says. “Judge not, lest you be judged.”

Remember, The Family Business is not the fear and judging business, but the loving business. And business is always good, so be it, and let it be so – Aye Men and Aye Women – Ah Man and Ah Woman.

Your loving friend and fellow traveler,

David White



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