Who Is The Enemy Really?

Blog 2078 – 06.03.2021

Who Is The Enemy Really?

Western religions even the nicer versions have their root in a misunderstanding of the nature of the Universe. They believe and teach dualism and see all of creation as an adversarial relationship, day versus night, light versus darkness, positive versus negative, good versus evil. I was born into and grew up with this world view and was middle-aged before I shed it in favor of a more unified understanding of my own nature and that of the world around me. To judge everyone and everything as either good or evil is to misjudge and indeed to misunderstand what’s it all about.

What is it all about, Alfie? The nineteen-sixties’ hit song from the movie by the same name asks and answers the question. It is all about something even non-believers can believe in: “I believe in love.” Love transcends judgment, love looks beyond appearances, and even beyond unkind acts to their root cause. Every act can be attributed to love or a perceived lack of it.

So today’s Peanut cartoon is really a deep philosophical statement. It is those who act the most unkind who need kindness the most, those most unloving who need love the most. I got the above saying a bit wrong. The correct version is, “Everything is either an act of love or a cry for love.” Unkind acts are the loudest cries for love.

What’s it all about? Why are we here? In a word – Love, to love and to be loved.

As my Dad always ended the few, but precious letters he ever wrote to me before he passed almost twenty-four years ago, “You are loved.” Indeed each of us is and especially toward those who act unkind we should be kind to remind them that they are loved too.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


What A Wonderful World

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