To France

Blog 2076 – 06.01.2021

To France

In 1998 the year my son Jonathan turned eight there came to a theatre near us the movie Antz. As was our Saturday custom Jon, attending the matinee of any movie that appealed to us, we went to see it. His mother and my wife, having been raised in a strict and quite narrow Christian tradition where they taught against movie attendance, did not care for movies as we both did so we often went just the two of us. While waiting in line to buy our tickets I thought up a cute pun for the ticket seller and my son and delivered it with a flourish at the ticket window. In my best fake French accent I said simply, “To France” which sounded at the same time a lot like, “Two for Antz.”

On Friday after two full days of driving, concluding the last couple of hours on Friday morning, I arrived at the proud home town of famous late night talk show host Johnny Carson, Norfolk, Nebraska. The mobile home park and RV court where I will be staying the next several months is just off Johnny Carson Blvd, what they call US Highway 81 as it heads north through Norfolk. Soon after arrival and set up, I noticed that some fellow Texans had stowed away in my trailer for the trip north. The first couple of nights were cold and rainy but as the skies cleared, the sun came out, and the temperatures began to warm they came out in mass – ants. At first I thought of killing them. And isn’t that our first impulse with the things that bother us even a little, perhaps that and inordinate fear, is why so many of us feel compelled to be armed to the teeth, as the Russians, or the French surely have their caps set on our spouses, houses, and lands, as if they did not have enough of their own to take care of.

After a second thought, I decided, as I usually do after I calm down a bit, to just leave well enough alone and see if I could just cohabit with the little fellows. They don’t eat much, don’t take up too much space, and little as it is my little home away from home on wheels feels a little empty and lonely from time to time. These little guys and gals remind me that I am never truly alone. Loved ones past and present are ever with me. I speak to my loving and lovely wife several times a day by phone and the three men that I admire most, and no, I am not as the song American Pie does referring to the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, but me, myself, and I, are ever with me.

Part of my every growing longer morning mantra says, “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in my sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.” The “my” instead of “Thy” is on purpose. The two of us are inseparable. We are all, I believe, part of the Great One, made of three, and not the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost Trinity, but the He/She/We Trinity.

Crazy Dave, you do have a slightly skewed view of things, don’t you? Yes Sir, Yes M’am, I do, but it works for me and I work it. As the motto I proudly display on the front of my pick-up for all the world to see reads, “Think Happy Thoughts.”

Today’s happy thought is that today I begin a new work assignment, making money to replace all the savings that a year and a half off work due to Covid-19 drained away. Thank the Universe we had it to fall back on, many were not as wise to save for the always out there “rainy day.” In addition to replacing our cash stash and savings another happy thought is that one depleted bank account will be refilled for the sole purpose of keeping a promise I made long ago to take my sweet wife to France, Paris in particular, home town not of Johnny Carson but the French Kiss, Can Can Girls, and the Eiffel Town, so we can say this time next year and not referring to Paris, Texas, but Paris, France – “I love Paris in the spring time” and “We will always have Paris.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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3 thoughts on “To France

  1. You sure get about. I love your pun, and I puzzle over those who hold such views as staying away from the movies. when they explain it to me I’m still puzzled 🙂


    1. I am puzzled too always by those who see pleasure as only bad. Jesus said the pleasure seekers would enter Heaven ahead of the pleasure deniers. He also said the kingdom of heaven is within us.

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