“Could I Have This Dance…”

Blog 2070 – 05.26.2021

“Could I Have This Dance…”

“…For the rest of my life.” The chorus of this Anne Murray song came to me as I tried to get to bed early last night in anticipation of my road trip to Nebraska from Texas that begins today. Three of the most special moments at the wedding reception last Saturday evening for our son Jonathan David and our new daughter Lauren Michelle was watching them dance together, then Jay with his mom (pictured above), and then my turn around the dance floor with my lovely and loving wife, Linda.

In addition to the afore mentioned song, that I share here the chorus of, there are more than a few songs about how important dance is as a metaphor for life.

A favorite line from one such song says, “If you get the chance to sit it out our dance, I hope you dance.” I am not the world’s greatest writer nor singer and I never have nor will ever claim to be and my dancing skills are also quite unremarkable, but I can string a few words together, make a joyful noise, and trip the light fantastic enough to find my way around a dance floor.

I remember as a very young man asking a girl friend of my brother’s to teach me to waltz so that I could take my girl friend to my high school senior prom. Her name was also Linda and she was very patient with me and we waltzed around her parent’s living room floor to Last Dance several times over several evenings till she was confident that I could performed the needed steps at the prom.

One of the songs that I most enjoy singing karaoke to is Garth Brooks’ classic, The Dance. Here it is for my wife as we tearfully part for a few months that I will be away on a new away work assignment. “Darling, save the last dance for me.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


The Dance

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