Pleasant Surprises

Blog 2048 – 05.04.2021

Pleasant Surprises

Pleasant surprises, like a phone call you were not expecting, have a way of lifting us up and reminding us that life is indeed meant to be fun. Those most assured that they have things all figured out are the ones most likely to be bored, disgruntled, and depressed. The words Jesus used with the crowd, “You must become as little children” have been interpreted by many and in many way, but I am quite sure that at least one aspect of of small children that Jesus would have us recapture is an appreciation of the surprises that our loving and infinite source sends our way.

For a birthday party for my now eighty-four year old mother-in-law on Sunday, her two daughters that live in Houston took great pains to keep her in the dark about the party plans hoping to surprise her. Nine of us hid with the lights off when Betty’s youngest daughter Sarah brought her home to a hardy, “Surprise, surprise.” I am not sure how surprised she was, but the youngest one there, her grandson Carter, was the most elated, his was the first and loudest yell, and his hands the first to clap after we sung happy birthday day to our smiling Betty.

My son Jay and his fiancée Lauren were the last to arrive, as he was scheduled to get his second Covid vaccination that afternoon. All us adults had our vaccinations so this was our freest and most fun gathering in many months. We hope such family gatherings will become more regular now with more and more pleasant surprises ahead. I think I had missed the hugs most of all. Which reminds me of the last video montage my daughter Emily’s cousin Deb made of her. In the final scene of the short video Emily quotes from one of her longtime favorite movies, Dorothy Gale’s words of farewell to Scarecrow, “I think I’ll miss you most of all.” Then Emily smiles her famous crooked little smile. Seeing that smile again and hearing that sweet voice again is a surprise that I look forward to with all my heart. I hear her voice and see that sweet smile all the time in the most unexpected places and on the most unexpected faces. Surprise, surprise.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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