Young At Heart

Blog 2046 – 05.02.2021

Young At Heart

Tell most people an act is forbidden or dirty and you have created a desire. Some would have us believe that is just good salesmanship, creating a demand. Well, that is just what ego, the ole snake in the grass, did in the first garden regarding the purportedly forbidden fruit of the knowledge of good and of evil.

The blue noses would have us believe that the designer, the creator, the First Cause, filled a garden full of delicious and delectable fruits and told the first couple they could eat of any tree but one with zero tolerance for any infraction.

There has been much speculation as to what that forbidden fruit was. Whatever it was, the couple’s eyes were opened after eating it and they realized they were naked and gathered fig leaves to cover their nakedness as if anyone, but they were bothered by their birthday suits. Their protective skin was no secret to the animals, the birds, the fishes in the sea, nor their dress designer, only to the couple whose lips were stained redder than usual by forbidden fruit.

There is some indication as the story continues that they were expelled from the garden and a flaming guard posted to prevent them from eating from yet another tree, the tree of life, which if they had supposedly they would never have had to taste death. The story strains credulity and goes against an even a basic knowledge of human nature. There has to be more to the story or a different interpretation.

I believe the real lesson of the Garden of Eden story is about spoiled fruit that sprung from the seeds of envy, doubt, and fear. An all-knowing God would have surely known that a knowledge of good and evil as most human knowledge would come from trial and error. The idea that the first man and woman were created fully formed is as silly a notion as expecting a child to refrain from tasting the sweet icing on the birthday cake if left alone in a room with it, no one watching. That food coloring in the icing stains the tongue and lips and is a dead give away, kids.

Today is a very special and beautiful young lady’s birthday. Betty Lou Lloyd Stokes is celebrating her eighty-fourth trip around the sun today and, Darling, we salute you. I have been endeavoring to eat healthy for going on five months, but plan to add a piece of birthday cake to my menu today and add my voice to a loud chorus of “Happy Birthday, Dear Mom.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Young At Heart

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