What Do You Have To Say For Yourself?

Blog 2043 – 04.29.2021

What Do You Have To Say For Yourself?

Many are not as wordy as I am. It is the curse and as well the blessing of storytellers, poets, singers, and writers to often be called upon to be our star witnesses. The concept of star witness is one that I remember being enamored with once when I was preparing for the Christian ministry. I, like many at the Bible College I attended, believed that I had been called, chosen, to be a spokesperson for God. Yeah, and even now it seems an audacious assumption, but then for one raised in the buckle of the Bible Belt it was not unheard of then or now. Yet life and experience have a way of opening our hearts, minds, and eyes to other possibilities if we are paying any attention at all.

First, I would like to explain in a little more detail the star witness concept. At any trial both the prosecution and the defense are allowed to present evidence and call witnesses to make their case. Some types of trial witnesses are character witnesses, expert witnesses, and eye witnesses. There are many others, but by far the most valuable testimony most often is presented by stellar or star witnesses whose testimony is so valuable that they are often flown in at great expense and kept in nice hotels and protected till they can give their testimony. Some witness testimony is so valuable that deals are made ahead of time with these witnesses to put them in witness protection programs where they are give new identities, they and their immediate families, and moved to new places where no one knows them, where they can start new lives.

We all would like to believe our stories, our songs, our testimony is of star quality. Daily, buses, trains, planes and private cars arrive in Los Angeles, the city of angels, full of persons who believe that they have that star quality and that television and movie producers will pay them to perform in front of adoring audiences. One in a thousand, if that, ever get a real chance at even a single speaking line, or even to play a face in a crowd. The movie La La Land from a few years back has an opening musical number with stopped traffic on an LA Freeway that details this all but hopeless quest of many for that “big break.” I am a guy who appreciates the modern version of opera, the movie musical, having as a boy from Tennessee been raised on Elvis Presley movies, which are all but operas in English with a Rockabilly twist. I highly recommend all the music in La La Land.

One of my very favorite songs in the movie is Audition sung by the lovely and talented Emma Stone. I attach the complete lyrics below.

The more well known title for the song, The Fools Who Dream, says it all. But then who are the greater fools, but those who no longer dare to dream.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Dare To Dream.

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