Meet Kit 1934, Chapter 2

Blog 2025 – 04.11.2021

Meet Kit 1934, Chapter 2

Meet Kit 1934, Chapter 2

“Extra, Extra, Read All About It” was a popular term in 1934 and even when I was a young man newspapers were still delivered to most homes daily. Alas, the newspaper has been replaced by news stories delivered straight to our smart phones, laptops, and computer tablets. Kit had her typewriter to produce her daily “newspaper” for her dad. Today she could just text him her stories complete with pictures.

I took two years of Journalism in High School and learned all about newspaper publishing from page layout to writing stories and editing. The first year we served as reporters on our monthly four page school paper, The Central High Digest, and in our second year we served as editors. I was co-editor of page two, the editorial page, and had a column which I titled “In My Opinion.” Opinions, as the saying goes are like noses – everybody has one. We can debate the merits of one opinion over it’s opposing opinion but opinions based on incontrovertible facts should carry the day. Though it is a truism that the bigger the lie you tell the more people will believe it, it is a greater truth that the truth can indeed set us free.

Often parents feel, politicians too, that it is their duty to shield their children, constituents, from alarming truths. Former President Trump a year ago now was telling us all that COVID-19 was like a mild case of the flu and would soon go away. He knew it was way worse and even told journalist Bob Woodward later in an interview, that he had lied not to alarm us. Four hundred thousand U.S. citizens died of COVID-19 on Mister Trump’s watch, many needlessly due in part to his lie. Some opinions matter more than others and some lies have more disastrous results. Believing in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny does little harm to children even adults but believing there are alternate facts can have deadly results.

Many of the supposed facts that we have been taught are not true. Yesterday, I watched the first of a two-part HBO documentary called, Exterminate The Brutes. It deals in a straight forward and factual way with the history of White Supremacy in the West. Shocking and sobering are the two words that come to mind. I plan to watch the final part today.

It is never enough just to admit or even apologize for injustices, we must make right what we can. It is a cop out to say somebody else started it when we continue to honor and perpetuate those same discriminatory policies. Attempting to dehumanize others further makes inhumane brutes of ourselves. We must refrain from harming or opposing anyone and see life in all and honor it as if it were our own for indeed it is. I leave you with a great quote and a song:

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Let’s Drop The Big One Now

Author’s Note: We actually did drop the big one, two of them, on Japanese cities in 1945, we who presume to think others cannot be trusted with the technology. I like to think Randy Newman is being ironic in this song but sadly as with the nineteen sixties sitcom character Archie Bunker some will continue to think White Supremacy is a justifiable position. It is an old unsubstantiated lie. The truth is that the Supremes were four beautiful and gifted black singers and in the book and movie, The Shack, the best portrayal of Papa God is by a black woman. It is high time white dudes got over themselves and I am sure Kit, if she were alive today, would agree.

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