Meet Samantha 1904, Chapter 6 & Looking Back to 1904

Blog 2023 – 04.09.2021

Meet Samantha 1904, Chapter 6 & Looking Back to 1904

Meet Samantha 1904, Chapter 6 & Looking Back to 1904

After today’s conclusion to Samantha’s story there remains but one more week and I will conclude my David Reads Children’s Books blog project of two hundred and ninety six readings. There remains one more American Girl short book of four chapters called, 1934 Meet Kit, and three little children’s books – Being Forgetful, My Dad is Great, and All For Pie Pie For All. This has been quite a marathon project, but I am happy to have this body of work published and out there to hopefully be a blessing that will continue to be for years to come.

I suppose one, if not the greatest, appeal of writing is the thought of leaving something behind. We have all experienced inspiring thoughts, but not everyone takes the time to write them down and attempts to polish and rearrange the words till they shine. Do I accomplish that with every piece? Hardly, but I do give it my best shot each and every time, trusting that each note in a bottle, so to speak, will be guided by the currents to hearts receptive.

Someday these morning moments that I have spent laboring over a hot IPhone, IPad, or computer may be recognized as my finest hours. But then let it be known that I was just trying to leave something behind.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

To Leave Something Behind

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