1854 Meet Kirsten, Chapter 1

Blog 2011 – 03.28.2021

1854 Meet Kirsten, Chapter 1


1854 Meet Kirsten, Chapter 1

Today I begin the first of three popular girls books in the American Girl series. Today, meet Kirsten. The American story despite the hype is not just about a bunch of men on a mission to tame a new frontier, but it is also the story of countless girls too who made a real difference in the New World. There are many points of view in this story from that of the first people pushed further and further west by the later and later arrivals of immigrants to the individual stories of those immigrants.

I think you will enjoy Kirsten’s story and those two following of Samantha and Kit. I certainly have. These David Reads Children’s Book blogs will be concluded in about a month and I will resume a less restrictive selection of topics to share, but I have had fun trying to come up with something each day to go along with the book or chapter read each day. I have also tried to pick one of my own previously recorded karaoke songs to go with the readings. I am, I know, not the best singer, reader, or writer in the world, but I am ever trying to polish those gifts and present them to you in their best light. As a little song I learned as a child says, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” Kirsten, Samantha, and Kit let their lights shine as have millions before us and our world is brighter and better for their contributions. May we all leave this world a better and brighter place for our having lived at this time and occupied this space however briefly.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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