A Wrinkle In Time, Chapter 10

Blog 2008 – 03.25.2021

A Wrinkle In Time, Chapter 10


A Wrinkle In Time, Chapter 10

Are you one of those people who likes to know how things turn out and just cannot wait to see how the story ends? Well, I have good news for you, we win in the end, the guy gets the girl, the girl gets the guy, and it is happily ever after, to the sound of hallelujahs and laughter, I can see your inner child grinning real big and saying, “I just knew it.”

That has indeed been the plan all along. We have no need to worry for our loving and infinite source has and will continue to provide everything that we could ever want or need and at just the right time and in just the right way. I believe that, but then even a slow learner like myself was bound to finally get it. Sometimes I am sure that it my case it must have taken several lifetimes. But, no matter, I am having the time of my life now, basking in the wonderful knowledge of Who and Whose I am.

In one of my favorite Robin Williams movies, What Dreams May Come, Robin’s character’s wife in the movie, played by the lovely Annabella Sciorra, has a hell of a life unable to cope with the lost in a terrible tragic car crash of her teenaged son and daughter and then not long after that the loss of her their father, her husband, in another even freakier and more devastating traffic fatality.

This is the only hell that I believe in, the one like hers that we create for ourselves when we lose sight of our benevolent benefactor and faith in His/Her ability to work everything out, even the tragedies in our lives, for our good. Robin’s character in the movie, feels an abiding connection to his soul mate and signs up on a mission to go to hell to rescue his wife from the endless loop of hellish pain she is inflicting upon herself, having committed suicide in her utter despair with life. After her, thought by most, impossible rescue, she wakes up safe in heaven with her husband and children. Robin and the children suggest that she and he go back to this time and space jungle and give it another go and see if they cannot have a more fun adventure without all the drama and trauma.

As I said, I am in no hurry to have this current adventure end, I have just gotten to the good part where all my highest and best dreams are coming true. But then they always do when we maintain our trust in the One who always finds a way to invite delight into our dreams and to make them come true.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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