The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Chapter 7

Blog 1947 – 01.23.2021

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Chapter 7

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Chapter 7

One of the great lessons from today’s chapter in TWWOO is that we often wrongly try to measure worth by size, color, or some other other silly measure. We are everyone of us no matter our outward appearance holy and whole and of infinite value to our loving and infinite source.

In doing a kindness to what he in a moment judged as only a little mouse the Tin Man secures the favor of the queen of the field mice who later in the story rescues an important member of their party. We should not measure out our acts of kindness by calculating the returns on our investments but rest assured that if we as the Bible says cast our bread upon the water it shall return to us more than we sent out.

I do not believe in karma, but I do believe in grace and specifically that the Universe always takes the little we offer, as Jesus did the little boy’s lunch at the miraculous feeding of the loaves and fishes and makes the most of it.

There was a song we sang many years ago that said, “Little is much if God is in it” and rest assured that He/She is always working for our highest good, the very best for not just us but for everything and everyone. Grant you it may not always seem so, but then as another song explained, is just because, “Our earth dimmed vision, the truth can never clearly know…God’s way is best, I will not murmur although the end I may not see. Where e’er He leads I’ll meekly follow. God’s way is best, is best for me.” Fear not doubters and unbelievers in this dance called life, He/She will even let us think we are leading from time to time. No matter the music, the steps, or the missteps we always get to go home with the One who brung us.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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