Guess How Much I Love You

Blog 1916 – 12.23.2020

Guess How Much I Love You

Guess How Much I Love You

I love this little book yet considering the title immediately thought that those we love should not have to guess how much we love them but be ever reminded by our smiling eyes, words, and actions how very loved that they are.

Many of us sadly have developed the habit of hiding our true feelings behind scowls and harsh critical remarks. We do this most often to protect ourselves from the slings and arrows of life but the effect of always wearing armor is not only to chafe and harden our skin but also to cheat ourselves and those we love out of knowing another loving human touch.

Many years ago scientists in cruel experiments with new born babies proved that babies shrivel up and die without the caring human touch in the first few days of life. It is true of children and older people too. As a young poor boy I dreamed of one day becoming a rich philanthropist, so rich that like John Beresford Tipton, the mythical benefactor in the nineteen fifties TV drama, The Millionaire, that I could give away one million dollars certified cashiers checks to anyone who could use one.

Well, not so surprisingly that has not happened, yet at least. But I have learned there are other more important ways to show love than handing out cashiers checks, ways available even to the most cash strapped among us. What am I talking about – a kind word, a loving look and smile, and small inexpensive acts of kindness. Like lighting a small candle in a dark room true love always changes things and people for the better. As the Neil Diamond song about E.T. says, “Turn on your heart light.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

I so love a good love song. Attached is my cover of one of my favorites. The Beast and Josh Groban do if far better, but here is my pre-Christmas gift to all I love.


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