The Cat In The Hat

Blog 1910 – 12.17.2020

The Cat In The Hat

The Cat In The Hat

Today’s children’s book is a Dr. Seuss classic for cat lovers and hat lovers everywhere. Not everyone can wear a hat but this cat can and does and always has a lot fun that requires clean-up anytime he tips his hat.

We have most of us met this Cat In The Hat character at least once in our lives with the dominating personality that just takes over and though seeming all about fun leaves a big mess in his wake for someone else to clean up. I won’t name names but you C.I.T.H. cats know who you are.

You vowed to yourselves as children never to make your beds or clean up your rooms ever again when you grew up but to leave all that for someone else to take care of always preferring to be a part of the wrecking crew rather than the cleaning crew, clean being the hardest part of the Scout Law for you to follow.

Someone has said that cleanliness is next to godliness, that being said life can be and often is quite messy, still being responsible to clean up our own messes brings out the best in us, while leaving them for others to clean up does not make us cool cats, in hats or otherwise, but persons to be avoided like the pandemic and more fun to read about than clean up after.

Mama always said keep it clean and she was not just talking about language but that too. Tired and bored of maintaining social distance? Turn off those screens and do a little straightening up and cleaning. As your immediate environment improves so will your attitude perhaps well except for those of you who feel most at home being little piggies allowing someone else to huff and puff and blow the litter and dust away.

Many of us have come to prefer a more orderly and less traumatic life style preferring C.I.T.H. Kitty Cat visits few and far between if at all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Feels Like Home To Me

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