I Kissed the Baby!

Blog 1908 – 12.15.2020

I Kissed the Baby!


I Kissed the Baby!

Politicians in a bygone era used to kiss babies to show themselves compassionate, how times have changed and even before COVID-19 hit a year ago. Compassion, sympathy, and empathy are no longer even pretended by most politicians who seem far more concerned with stoking the fires of of division than healing old wounds and working toward unity.

I have to believe that after this most contentious and hateful political season that we are going to find our way back to compassion and compromise. It is either that or as Lincoln predicted we will be that house divided that cannot stand and open warfare will break out. No one wins a war, everybody loses, and then eventually armistice is signed. Let’s sign it now before a host of other atrocities are committed that our children and our children’s children will have to bear the consequences of. There is but one way to avoid war and that is love. Only love can overcome our differences, can bridge the seeming impossible divide. We are no matter how we try to deny it the same inside – rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, doctor, lawyer, Indian chief, male, or female, no matter our outside color, or preferences, social, political, or sexual, we are all soft pink on the inside literally and figuratively. As it turns out “Pinko” is as silly and nonsensical as are most if not all insults.

The time for insults, conspiracy theories, and pointing fingers is done. So what if a few sore losers refuse to admit that they lost. History has a way of relegating bad sports to the also ran category and despite their protestations their time center stage is brief and soon overshadowed by more compassionate winning personalities.

Covid too will eventually be relegated to a terrible footnote as will a hate mongering loser whose name in the history books will have an asterisk by it as the baseball record breaking steroid users do and his lies of voter fraud disclaimers as have many of his Twitter remarks especially of late.

Like Lincoln I would like to make a prediction, the current President will not run again in 2024 nor be around much longer to have a say in who does. If he is a free man still by next year’s end he will be running to escape the legal consequences of a lifetime of lies and bogus business dealings many orchestrated from the White House.

These words may not be popular with those still enamored with Trump, but his personality cult as sure as Joe McCarty’s has a very short shelf life. The Baby Trump blimp too has probably seen its last parade. Many of us did get a kick out of it, but will not really miss it nor him.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


In The Jailhouse Now

The above is one of my early 2021 predictions, but then whether I am a prophet or the son of a prophet remains to be seen.

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