Jack and the Bean Stalk

Blog 1881 – 11.17.2020

Jack and the Bean Stalk


Jack and the Bean Stalk

Today I begin another children story book. This one is called Two Minute Fairytales. Jack’s story is the first of eight familiar stories that have been told and retold, read and reread, to children throughout many generations. They seem to never get old no matter how often they are retold.

In every version and adaptation of this classic tale, gullible young Jack is still duped and then goes on to dupe the hungry greedy giant in return, robbing him of his treasures and chopping down the bean stalk in the nick of time to prevent the giant exacting revenge upon him, the farm, and our world.

Children shortly after they learn to walk start learning that the giants (adults) in their world are not all trustworthy and that only a few, if any, have their best interests in mind. Many of the movies and TV shows for adults are just retellings of those classic tales of childhood, tales of subterfuge and betrayal, of grifters and conmen and women always with their own selfish agendas, selling shortcuts and dreams of treasure at a bargain prices, or so they say.

Sadly as a seventies song says, “They even try to sock it to you in the name of the Lord.” As children and even as adults we get to choose to continue the circle of misrepresentation and one-up-manship or to break with the long tradition characterized by a twisted interpretation of the Bible quote, “He was a stranger and we took him in.” A society or civilization based on being deceived and deceiving others in return is a dog eat dog world, an ever unfriendly place for beasts and children, men and women too.

Bless us all, we deserve better than that and we can do better if we choose.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Bless The Beasts And The Children

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