The Big Family In The Little House

Blog 1870 – 11.06.2020

The Big Family In The Little House

The Big Family In The Little House

One of arguably the wisest and best Presidents we ever had, Abraham Lincoln, once said in addition to appealing to our better angels that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Sometimes when we are so in one another’s faces disagreeing about this or that it seems like in today’s story that there is standing and shouting room only. That is especially so when we behave more like animals than family. Actually animals often get a bad rap for too often human behavior reaches far more cruel and unforgiving depths than the animals we sadly think ourselves so much wiser than.

I have been told that often parents, men and women, suffer from a malady called “empty nest syndrome.” When the children all finally leave home to try their wings and build lives of their own, the once noisy and crowded home seems too quiet and too empty to them and so they often begin to push for grandchildren hoping they will help fill the void.

My intention is to continue working on the road for another five years. Yesterday, my contract company called me about a phone interview with a company in Arkansas. The conference call is scheduled for a week from today. Friday the thirteen has always been a lucky day for me and I am hopeful that it will be again. I have long believed that maintaining an attitude of gladness and gratitude even in the face of disappointments and great challenges is the secret to a fulfilling and satisfying life. Without fail we always attract more into our lives of that which we focus on the most. Turn around the line around that says, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” and it is easy to see that the Universe interprets what we fix our minds and heart upon as what we want most and is more eager to send us what we want than we are to receive it.

Just one watch word about making our mental and heartfelt requests: We should steer clear of expressing our desires in negative terms as the Universe only hears in positives. Here is just one example: When we say things like , “I do not want to be poor” all the Universe hears is, “I want to be poor.” We need to teach ourselves to think and speak in positive terms and not think and talk about what we do not want but what we do want.

Instead of saying or thinking, “I do not want a crowded noisy home” we should try to see the highest and best in everyone, everything, every situation and focus on that knowing that if we do only more of the same will come to us. It is the law of attraction – like attracts like, the signal we send out comes back to us, what we give we get. Like gravity it is just the law, to try to fight either law is but to fail and to fall.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

I’ve Got The World On A String

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