The Man Who Buried His Money

Blog 1863 – 10.30.2020

The Man Who Buried His Money

The Man Who Buried His Money

Many who lost their money when the stock prices plummeted and the banks failed at the beginning of the Great Depression began hoarding what little cash they could come by under their mattresses and buried in cans in their back yard. Even today some think a good money management practice is not to keep all your eggs in one basket and to try to keep a little ready cash close by and on hand.

I use credit cards and bank cards like most everyone but have learned the hard way that credit cards are best used as charge card where you pay the balance each month and do not let having them tempt you to spend money that you do not have, running up great debts that require a large monthly payment just to pay the interest on those loans.

Unexpected rainy days, job losses, and pandemics like COVID-19 prove than even those who save and plan ahead are not immune to financial short falls and problems. But also that all that friendly credit card company image is short lived when one is no longer able to keep paying on time.

One of my favorite movies is the one where Steve Martin stars in a modernized version of the classic tale written by George Elliot called Silas Marner. George Elliot was actually a woman named Mary Ann Evans born on my birthday November 22, 1819 some few years before I was. Silas Marner was what many might call a miser, but much as he loved and hoarded his money he had a soft spot in his heart for a little girl that he protected and it was her love that ended up being his greatest treasure.

I heard someone say yesterday something to the affect that true happiness begins with our first truly unselfish act. Having a long time preference for a slightly skewed view of things, I see that a tad differently. To me there is no more loving or happy act than our first truly selfish one, realizing that there is only One true Self and that God – She, He, We are it. The disclaimer that I attach to all my intentions, wishes, and prayers is that before asking that they be granted they must meet the highest standard of being for the highest good of myself, the Universe, and everyone.

Why ever would anyone ever attach such a self limiting condition you might ask. For love of the Universe, our One true self, is my sincere answer, realizing that our personal happiness is tied to the happiness of everyone and everything. Now that among other things takes the worry out of being close. You might want to set aside a little ready cash, tucked away under your mattress or buried in a can in the back yard for a rainy day for yourself and a friend. No one need worry about a big pile as it is really all ours to share and we will just as soon as we all figure out Who and Whose we truly are. More and more are finding that out each day. People who fear Armageddon may find to their surprise and eternal joy that the Universe has written an alternate, and far happier ending.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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