That’s No Way To Do It!

Blog 1857 – 10.24.2020

That’s No Way To Do It!

That’s No Way To Do It!

Today’s One Minute Bedtime Story is a familiar theme. It seems everyone seems to have some idea how we might better live our lives. How is it they have so much time to advise others when they might be better off tending to their own lives. Reminds me of and old slam against teachers, on the whole a very noble calling, “Those who can’t do teach.” Though not true of most teachers it is quite true of most meddlers.

I heard a story once about a father and son who were building a boat in their front yard. Every neighborly person in their small town who passed by seemed to have boat building expertise and some suggestion on how to build a better boat. After trying to incorporate those suggestions into their construction the father son team finally gave up on the mess and they moved to the other side of the yard and began again. Thereafter when anyone stopped by to offer advice they would say kindly in unison, “Over there sits everyone’s boat (pointing to the first monstrosity) this is our boat and it is going to be a beauty. Come back when we are finished and see.

Just as they both knew it would be, their new boat turned out fine, and they enjoyed sailing it together, even offering rides to those once meddling but kind intentioned friends. The lesson in story and song is that since it is quite impossible to please everyone you might as well please yourself.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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