The Going To Bed Book

Blog 1855 – 10.22.2020

The Going To Bed Book

The Going to Bed Book

Since I got such a late start in life, I wonder if I will live long enough to accomplish my ambitious goal of writing ten thousand blogs. Since I am barely a third of the way through posting a blog for each of my two hundred and ninety six recorded children book readings and with COVID decimating the ranks of my peers, as the AIDS virus has and sadly continues to the gay community, it is possible that I may not live to even complete that. I am not following the poor example of some in power, but that of the doctors and social distancing and when I cannot wearing a mask. I am also eating better, for the most part, getting plenty of exercise, lots of rest, and avoiding unnecessary stressors in my life.

It has long been my belief that stress kills more and faster than most viruses out there and is therefore more deadly. One of the big contributors to stress is not getting enough sleep. Like unloved children we allow ourselves to stay up late and get up early robbing our bodies and minds of the quiet and restful sleep that both need to knits the raveled sleeves of care. Ole Bill Shakespeare could really turn a phrase.

Perhaps instead of spending so much time watching screens, early evenings would be better spent reading or listening to a bedtime story. Today’s, The Going To Bed Book, is exactly what I am talking about. Take care of that child within and not only will you find yourself always young at heart but experiencing life’s sweetest dreams. As Mr. Spock often said, “Live Long And Prosper.” And as moms have always said, “Get lots of sleep, my darling.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

Young At Heart

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