The Bedtime Rhyme

Blog 1852 – 10.19.2020

The Bedtime Rhyme

The Bedtime Rhyme

I believe than the baby in all of us needs to hear and be often reminded that we are loved in just such a sweet way as this bedtime rhyme. Oh, it may sound at times like hyperbole, but our higher self knows that we deserve every word and that every other soul does too for really we are all one baby. I heard an interesting if to some a bit sacrilegious expression yesterday in something I was watching. A man said that something was as amazingly exciting as the Baby Jesus playing Mozart.

I do not recall any scripture, and I once studied them all long and hard, that ever purported that the Baby Jesus was a musical prodigy. I do confess though that the thought of any baby, and each and every one is divine to me, playing Mozart brings a smile to my face, and I am not even that great a fan of Mozart. No one denies that he certainly could spin a tune and did and at a very young age, though not as a baby.

I am more of a word guy than a melody guy and it is good rhymes more than musical scores that turn me on. But, then as Neil Diamond says in one of his hit songs, “I am the words, you are the tune, play me.” If it were in my power and it is, and I believe everyone has this power, I would speak and sing a bedtime story or sweet love song so loud and clear that it would change the world one baby’s heart at a time.

I hope all you babies had sweet dreams and are ready to wake up like the early birds and Baby Jesus and sing your sweet love songs to the Universe today.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

I Write The Songs

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