Peter Pan

Blog 1847 – 10.14.2020

Peter Pan

Peter Pan

As a boy I loved this story and recall first reading the book in the elementary school library. I have a wonderful recollection of riding on a school bus to see the Disney animated movie when it was rereleased in movie theaters for Christmas in 1959. The film was first released in 1953. It has held up well and is a baby boomer favorite and generations since as well.

Peter’s story even before the Disney cartoon, was a long running play on broadway and there have been several live action movies about the young boy who never wanted to grow up including Robin Williams Hook and 2015’s Pan.

There is in most of us, I think, a child that refuses to completely forsake the dreams and fantasies of our youth. That is something scheming and calculating people can use to our hurt if we allow them. I have for several weeks been watching the HBO documentary series, The Vow. There is one episode left. It is about the cult NXIVM that was founded and run by master con man and manipulator Keith Raniere. Through his supposed self help program, ESP (Executive Success Program) he recruited a following of men and women whom he through hours and hours of programming masked as self help tools succeeded in getting them to call him Vanguard. In the group there were sub groups, among which were a men’s group called SOP (Society Of Protectors) and a secret select woman’s group called DOS (From a Latin phrase Dominus Obsequious Solorium which reportedly translates “Master Over Slave Women.”) Women initiated into this inner circle were required to give compromising collateral consisting of embarrassing pictures and facts about themselves and their families and to submit to a brand in their pubic area that they were told was an elemental symbol but was in actuality Keith Raniere’s initials and those of one of his best female recruiters, actress Allison Mack, best known for her role on TV’s CW long running show Smallville.

Keith Raniere was convicted on June 19, 2019 of: Sexual exploitation of a child, possession of child pornography with regard to minor victim “Camilla”, Sex trafficking of “Nicole”, and attempted sex trafficking of “Jay”, racketeering and other crimes. He is expected to be sentenced this month to life imprisonment.

Allison Mack on April 8, 2019 pleaded guilty to racketeering charges. Her sentencing was postponed from September to allow more time for pre-sentencing investigation of her crimes.

Yesterday on ABC, India Oxenberg, daughter of Catherine Oxenberg of TV Dynasty fame, spoke out about having been long under cult leader Raniere’s spell, submitting to the brand, being sexual used by him having supplied the damning collateral so she felt she no longer had a choice. She said she finally came to a place where she was willing to have a deprogrammer help her get back her critical thinking that years of Raniere’s programming had robbed from her. Parental separation techniques were the first used on her. Her loving and tenacious mother Catherine never gave up trying to free her daughter from the cult.

We should always question our deepest held beliefs and always be willing to discard any that no longer serve us. Children’s favorite question is “Why” and that is question we should never stop asking ourselves.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

I Believe In You

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