The Lion King

Blog 1844 – 10.11.2020

The Lion King

The Lion King

This very popular Disney tale between the lines is more than a father son story, it is a tale of the tempting and seducing male ego that often seems to value power above truth. The truth is painfully clear to anyone paying attention that the male of the species has often failed in the leadership role, abdicating the responsibilities of protecting and providing for the family. Even those who stay around till they die as King Mufasa are all too often more busy strutting their stuff and pontificating to do their real jobs, leaving the females of the pride to do all the hunting, gathering, kingdom building and home making.

The old joke question uttered by the young Brit bloke to his mum sounds all too often true: “If it is true, Mum, that God is our father, shelters us, clothes us, and provides our daily bread, what is the ole man hanging around for then.” Sadly most men do not hang around very long and many of those who do contribute so little and take so much away to prop up their insatiable egos that often their leaving should more rightly be celebrated than mourned.

Even in the mostly mythical or at best misunderstood garden party story that I tried to reinterpret yesterday regarding the supposed fall of man, the man tries to shift the responsibility for his weakness upon the woman. Men have been doing that from day one or actually day eight or so but who’s counting.

“The woman you gave me she lead my astray.” Oh, yeah, sure she did. We men are all too often responsibility dodging cowards, blaming mothers, girlfriends and wives for our own weaknesses and failures, always trying to “mansplain” our way out of the problems we create to maintain and to keep up the facade and charade of male supremacy. It is a pure fantasy and fallacy as is white supremacy. Both claims being not only stupid but nonsensical.

Holy men of God supposedly wrote the Bible, but it is all too obvious that the true authorship of that book as most guide books resides with far less than holy men seeking to perpetuate the myth of male dominance over females. When did any man ever stop to ask directions or read a map let alone a guide book before barreling on cock sure that he knows better, that he knows the way, hell bent to prove it no matter what. Men are neither more qualified, more capable, nor more deserving of leadership roles than women and we need to remember that men have always instigated the rape, pillage, and abuse of women and the whole planet upon which we reside, our Mother Earth, not the best of track records.

You probably did not think I was heading there with a blog about The Lion King. As an old white guy myself, I am not thrilled that the two major parties picked the two oldest whitest guys ever as the only two real choices to vote for President in just over three weeks. I do believe the challenger is the better choice, but am even more thrilled that he will not only have a stronger wife standing by him to keep him standing tall and walking straight, but that he will have a strong women Vice President to have his and this country’s back. That is the ticket.

For all Trump’s lies about President Obama beginning with his attempt to make the whole country believe baby Barak was not born in the United States, I think history will list Barak Obama as one of our best Presidents and Donald J. Trump as one of if not the worst. It is time that we as a nation corrected a mistake we make four years ago believing his lie that he intended to Make America Great Again when his true intention, known to many of us even, was to enhance his brand and make his personal financial fortunes great again.

Richard Nixon said, “I am not a crook” and sadly too many people believed that lie too long. Donald Trump said he was a p-grabber with or without permission, a tax cheat, and only out to wheel and deal and too many Americans found his candor refreshing and voted for him anyway. If you really believe he cares about anyone other than himself vote for him again. But the growing number of people that he has infected with COVID-19 personally know better and by now all of us should.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

I Wonder What The King Is Doing Tonight

This as all my blogs is an opinion piece. You are entitled to have and to promote your own opinion, but please wear a mask, social distance, and stay safe.

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