The Enchantment

Blog 1841 – 10.08.2020

The Enchantment

The Enchantment

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the Enchantment is a wonderful introduction to the classic tale. The motion pictures, both the animated and the more recent live action one, are productions that I am sure the late Walt Disney would have been proud to have his name on.

There is indeed a place for fairy tales in the hearts and in the minds of both children and adults. Many things, not real per se, still speak to a greater reality and B and the B like The Velveteen Rabbit and many other stories speaks to love’s transformative power.

There is in every one of us beauty and the beast and it is love that keeps the beast at bay while allowing beauty to blossom. The enchantress in the story is disguised as a poor old beggar woman and when the arrogant selfish prince makes fun of her and rejects her request for help she curses him, his castle and his house hold staff and a gives him a rose telling him that the curse can only be removed by the kiss of one who loves him in his new outwardly beastly form before the last pedal falls off the enchanted rose. The prince had allowed the beast within him full control and now his outward appearance reflects that too.

The beautiful Belle offers herself to free her dad whom the Beast had imprisoned for daring to trespass into his garden where he picked a rose for his beloved daughter. A rose was the only gift she would ever allow him to bring her back from business trips, because they were so poor. Belle after getting to know the Beast’s changed heart sees the beauty in him too and in the end and just in time as the last pedal is falling off the enchanted rose Belle’s kiss transforms him, the castle and everyone in it back to the beautiful forms that he, it, and they before the curse had worn.

It is as the song says, “A tales as old as time, a song as old as rhyme – Beauty and the Beast.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White–Su8vK9MjM9ZbY23V7do3Y6MXT/view?usp=drivesdk

Beauty and the Beast

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