Turquoise Boy

Blog 1838 – 10.05.2020

Turquoise Boy


Turquoise Boy

Today I offer the fourth in a row of so many wonderful Native American legend children’s stories. This one comes from the Navajo nation and is about the beautiful blue stones that they for centuries have incorporated in their hand made jewelry.

Some years ago I returned to my home, Houston, Texas, from a long series of away work assignments. The last of those was a two month assignment on the western slope near a small Colorado town called Delta. The job had shut down due to snow and more expected throughout the winter, so a few days before Christmas I made the long drive back to Houston. Since my route would take me close, I decided to take a short detour so I could say I had stood in four states at the same time and drove to Fort Corners, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. The only food for sale on the Navajo reserve was Navajo Tacos. I passed on the tacos, but after standing on the four points marker I did check out the hand crafted Native American souvenirs they had on display. There was a lot of turquoise jewelry, but I picked out an arrow out for my son and some other trinket for my wife.

I did not stay long as I also did not on a much longer detour once to see Niagara Falls, but those brief memories are only a couple of the many travel memories that I still treasure and I hope that I have many yet to record this go round. And that all of you do as well.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White



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