Hattie and the Fox

Blog 1833 – 09.30.2020

Hattie and the Fox


Hattie and the Fox

Today’s children’s story is about a wise chicken who out foxes a fox. It is a familiar theme in children’s stories but a exceptionally well told one. Children love stories and not just them but adults too. We are all I think hoping that our story will be, at least parts of it, entertaining and interesting enough to be told over and over again long after we have exited this stage. At least part of the reason we have children is this desire to extend our run in this particular play.

My head and my heart are filled with stories about my parents and the stories that they told and retold about theirs. My daughter Emily is telling her stories and has been these lo eight years on a different plane unless she has already put them safely away to perform in another story. And I am sure that my thirty years old son, Jonathan, from time to time has a flattering or not so flattering tale to tell about his parents and grandparents.

I realize that not everyone believes in past lives or future ones and I have not always myself. But, to me the subject reminds me of a father’s line to his daughter Ellie in the movie Contact when the girl looked up at a dark star filled sky and asked her dad, “Do you think there is anyone else out there?” His wise, I think, reply was, “If there isn’t it would seem like a terrible waste of space.” If this one life is all there is, it would seem to me a terrible waste of talent and training. Why, some of us have barely learned these roles and our character’s lines before this short play is over.

I like to think we are all practicing for a bigger and better role, a performance for all time. If your part in this play seems small just remember the words of long time game show host, Monty Hall, on Let’s Make A Deal, “There are bigger deals ahead.”

And if you catch me repeating myself, as you surely will if you continue to pay attention, know that I, like you, am just practicing my lines for the big performance. This is to me the performance of a lifetime. Enjoy the show. And hats off to Hattie for her performance today.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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