Nitter Pitter

Blog 1808 – 09. 05.2020

Nitter Pitter

Nitter Pitter

Author Stephen Cosgrove and illustrator Robin James have another horse story for us today. Many of us who never owned a horse or even rode one much if at all nevertheless love them for all the wonderful stories and songs that we have read and heard about them since we were children.

The song Wild Fire, released in the mid nineteen seventies, comes to mind. It is the haunting song of a young girls’s love for her horse lost in a freezing storm and a young man’s love for the girl lost in the blinding cold trying to find her horse named Wildfire. The lines that are the most moving to me are:

“Been a hoot-owl howling outside my window

‘Bout six nights in a row

She’s coming for me I know

And on Wildfire, we’re both gonna go.

We’ll be riding Wildfire…”

Even people like myself who grew up in cities big or small whose beloved pets were never bigger than cats or dogs and who could count the times they even saw or sat on a horse growing up on one hand still have a love in our hearts for these noble friends. I have told you before and I tell you again that one if not the most inspiring sight I ever saw was wild mustangs running free in Wyoming.

For several years I dreamed I would one day come into a fortune and be able to buy a horse ranch there. In my heart of hearts the Nonetheless Ranch exists and there is a room in the main house for any horse lover young or old. The horses are all named Wildfire and on Wildfire all who come by to visit or to stay can take a ride any time they like.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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