The Nose Book

Blog 1790 – 08.18.2020

The Nose Book

The Nose Book

“The nose knows” the saying goes and so many of our fondest memories are most easily recalled by remembering a certain smell. Even taste is in large part smelling we are told. Sit still a moment and try to savor again those earliest smells and the sweet memories associated with them. Four of the sweetest smells that come immediately to my mind are not intended as commercials, but tributes to the first woman who ever loved me and that I loved and still do even twenty years after her passing on the saddest August day I have yet to know. Alene Florence Davidson White, November 1, 1931 – August 10, 2000.

Those smells are Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Baby Lotion, Baby Powder, and the original cherry almond scent of Jergens Hand Lotion. These are the four smells I most associate with my beloved mother. And any time I get or even recall a whiff of any of them I am transported back to the sweetest memories of my childhood.

My mother was not perfect, no one’s is, but she was my mother and for many, especially my formative, years she was the center unquestioned of my life. Rather than trying to rewrite history for myself or her, I genuinely hope that both she, I, and all of us really, get a chance in our next incarnation to put into practice all that we have learned, much of it the hard way, in this life. And, yes, I know it is not just Christians who believe, “Just one life ‘twill soon be past…” but there is I think lots of at least anecdotal evidence that the next life they preach might just be another in a long series of continuing adventures. I hope so, for their idea of one chance to get it right, sink or swim, sounds pretty full of losers with very few, if any, winners to me. And if I believe anything, it is that we all win in the end and that if we are not currently winning we can be sure it is not yet the end. That theory just smells right to me.

As I began, I close, the nose just knows. Somethings just have a true ring to them, the right smell.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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