Introducing Raggedy Ann

Blog 1776 – 08.04.2020

Introducing Raggedy Ann

Introducing Raggedy Ann

In the first of his first eight Raggedy Ann Stories Johnny Gruelle introduced the now famous little lady with the heart tattoo that says I love you. Raggedy Ann has been a comfort to little girls the world wide for over one hundred years. This first written story about her was published in 1918.

Today, I introduce those who have not already met her to Raggedy Ann. This is the first of the over two hundred books that I recorded that were long enough that I decided to divided them into several readings. Here is a picture of my dear departed daughter Emily who would have turned forty last month as a girl with her Raggedy Ann doll.

Like Johnny Gruelle I hope to someday be known as a writer who gave his special gift to the world. He gave us Raggedy Ann and later Raggedy Andy stories. I have shared and continue to share stories and pictures of my precious little girl who tattooed a big permanent I Love You on my heart. I so enjoyed her brief stay with us. And I hope you enjoy these adventures with Raggedy Ann.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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