How To Catch A Heffalump

Blog 1774 -8.02.2020

How To Catch a Heffalump

How To Catch A Heffalump

Love able ole Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and the 100 Acre Wood gang are always a delight and nonetheless so than in today’s tale of a Heffalump hunt. You can tell if you listen that I had quite a time even pronouncing the word as I read the exciting if a bit scary story. Life can often seems a bit scary and startling especially if we are having a little trouble getting ours hearts, minds, hands and lips around it. Everyone is not nearly as fond of the new and different as some of us are.

I guess I just get bored too easily with the same ole, same ole and so I have heard myself and often singing Peggy Lee’s song, Is That All There Is? But it is the song at the end of this blog that speaks to a more fulfilling and more meaningful life. The expression “the elephant (hefflalump) in the middle of the room” refers to the big attention grabbing, keeping thing that many think of not just as a distraction but as the great prize of our lives. I think it is not so much about soul mates as it is the true and real recognition that somebody loves us. Learning to love ourselves is for many of us a life long adventure with many helping us along the way. How surprising for some to see that face in the mirror singing, “In this life I was loved by you.” Try it on for size, all you other heffalumps out there.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

In This Life

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