Just In Case You Ever Wonder

Blog 1772 – 07.31.2020

Just In Case You Ever Wonder


Just In Case You Ever Wonder

I was raised by parents and an extended family in a Christian culture that taught its children and all to believe that our Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, strong-man god was the only one who was always there for us. I was a grown man before I seriously would question any of the tenets of a religion that was and still is to me quite incredible in the original sense of that word – unbelievable.

Still fantasy and the fanciful are tools widely used in children’s books to teach and to comfort. Talking animals, gift bearing jolly old elves, and a host of other incredible characters star in many children stories. Myths of all kinds can be important teaching tools just not so much when it comes to political leadership. We live in a time when indisputable facts are labeled “Fake news ” and clear falsehoods are touted as “the True True” to the point where many seem to think it is quite impossible to tell the difference. Horse spit, it is as easy as it always has been – just listen with your mind and heart and you cannot help but recognize the ring of truth from the dull flat sound of falsehood.

Creo is the Latin based Spanish word for “I believe” or “I think.” Credo, credible, and incredible in English all come from that same Latin root. What we say, write, and think is important. Before the vote is cast to say there will be wide voter fraud through mail in ballots with no evidence to support such a claim is incredible but it is not the first incredible thing our current high office holder has said nor is it likely to be the last.

Some because they believe in the person in spite of so much evidence that they ought not will believe this latest lie too. It may back fire though and produce an even bigger win for his opponent in the up coming election that Constitutionally only Congress is authorized to post-pone or move the date from the first Tuesday in November. If the COVID 19 Virus continues to rage between now and November many more may opt to vote by mail instead of risking their health and lives at polling places. Many people in many states have been voting by mail for years with little if any evidence of fraud. If people who believe the President question the election and do not vote by mail and are fearful of going to the polls who is that going to hurt most? He may not just lose the Presidency for his party, but also the Senate. Still some believe with more than a little evidence that all he cares about is himself. I wonder if he really does even that. What will be the lasting legacy of this President?

Here’s hoping the truth will out and nothing, but the truth so help us Bob, as The Rug Rats would say.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


I Believe In You

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