I Like It When…

Blog 1746 – 07.05.2020

I Like It When…


I Like It When…

Today I have another fine little book to share with you. Some might question if I should be sharing all these treasures so freely. I promise that there is no financial gain in it for me and that I in no way want to take treasure away from the writers, illustrators, and publishers of these wonderful books. I do in fact hope that my tributes to them will increase theirs sales and keep them filling children’s minds and not just book shelves around the world.

Since I knew I wanted to include a large number of books in my David Reads Children’s Books project I acquired most of them at greatly discounted prices at resales shops around the country. I poured through literally hundreds of books to select these gems. And yet they are only representative of so many more out there waiting to spark the imagination in children’s minds.

One of my favorite recent movies that I have already watched several times is The Accountant with Ben Affleck. The movie begins when Ben’s character is a boy with a younger brother. He is a challenged boy, high functioning on the autistic spectrum. His mother leaves home when the boys are young unable to deal with her older son’s difficult behavior, but his military dad is determined to prepare him the best he can for life. In the end of the movie as the credits begin to roll a song that I immediately loved plays. I attach a link to my cover version of it at the end of this blog.

In keeping with the theme of today’s children’s book, I would like it very much when this particular journey is over if many took notice that I tried my best to leave something worthwhile behind. I think that deep down we all hope to leave this world a little better than we found it.

Your friend and fellow traveler,


To Leave Something Behind

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