When You Wish Upon A Star

Blog 1706 – 05.24.2020

When You Wish Upon A Star

When I was a boy every Sunday evening Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio’s conscience, would sing at the beginning of the Magical World of Walt Disney TV Show:

“When you wish upon a Star

It makes no difference who you are

When you wish upon a Star

Your dreams come true.”

I believed then as many of my peers did long before we believed what Sunday School teachers and preachers had to say about God, Jesus, and the Third Person of the Trinity most directly responsible, they said, for making our prayers, our full of faith wishes come true, that just thinking hard and consistently made our wishes come true. Many more years than I watched Disney’s Sunday evening show, I spent Sunday mornings and evenings and Wednesday evenings too practice my Christian faith in a three-headed prayer and wish grantor. The very popular HBO show, Game of Thrones mentioned several made-up religions throughout its several seasons and in one people worshipped a god of several faces. Many people do that today as well. I suppose even I, who have mostly rejected the Christianity of my youth and middle age still believe in a God of many faces, your faces and my face, the faces of animals, flowers, clouds, and trees. I recognize divinity in everything, everyone, and everywhere. My God is all in all, the Universe, and I still believe it makes no difference who you are, your dreams, prayers come true for they are just designed that way. We all of us have the divine creative spark in us.

The Old Testament of the Bible, believed sacred writing by at least three major religions Jew, Christians, and Muslims, and many others, in its first few pages says the Creator spoke everything out of nothing into being. I believe that all writings and spoken words are sacred and magical as the thoughts are that precede them creating everything out of nothing. I particularly think holy and sacred the words in the song Hallelujah:

“You say I took the name in vain,

But, I don’t even know the name

And if I did well really what’s it to you

There’s a blazing light in every word

It doesn’t matter which you heard

The holy or the broken hallelujah.”



Many spend a lifetime or perhaps many lifetimes and are still searching to find themselves and their great joy and purpose in life. But like the nineteen fifties rock and roll song, I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill. This is it, this is me, sharing the treasures of my mind and heart with you. One psychological philosophy teaches that there is a great collective of shared truth and knowledge that we all are tapped into it. Some of us become more hard wire connected and develop a gift for sharing that connection in our art as sculptors, painters, writers, singers, dancers, teachers, and in many other forms and fashions.


Like A Mockingbird

I have found a few avenues to share what I have drawn from our collective truth and knowledge pool. Had I found out about my connection sooner I might have been by now farther along sharpening those skills and making better use of my limited gifts. I make no apologies for my artistic short comings nor for the long and winding road that I have taken to get to this place in this life. As all lives truly lived, it has been for me one of wondrous discovery. I have not in person yet met each of you, but I fully expect to some fine day. Here’s hoping we all stay tapped in and enjoy to the max this wonderful ride and connection.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White (self named Writer, Speaker, Singer Songwriter, Teacher.

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