Living A Life Without Regrets, Hallelujah

Blog 1695 – 05.12.2020

Living A Life Without Regrets, Hallelujah

We should seize every opportunity that we have to live the life of our highest and best dreams. In that way more than any other we assure ourselves of living a life of few if any regrets. Someone has said that when we reach the end of this life that we will not worry so much about what we have done but more about what we might have left undone.

It is far better to live each day taking some chances, even if we mess up from time to time, than forever after regretting those missed adventurous romances. I have for several months now been awaiting a new work assignment, The COVID 19 lock down has extended this the longest time I have ever had between work assignments to nearing five months. I am still glad and grateful to have had so much time at home and to have been allowed to spend so much of it with my wife and grown son. These have been rare opportunities for me over the the past eight years of my traveling work career. I love seeing new places, meeting new people, and having varied work assignments, but family and home I have missed perhaps even more than I had realized.

I keep telling myself just a few more years when all the bills are paid off that I will retire from working away. I hope that is the way this story plays out but even more I trust my story to my higher self who knows even better than I do what I really want and need at any given moment along this journey and has always allowed it to come to me, “at just the right time and in just the right way from my loving and infinite source.” Knowing that more than anything else I can say truly as Paul in the New Testament did, “I have learned to be content in whatsoever state I am in” even Texas. Most of my work assignments these last eight years have been in other states as far as Alaska and as near as Alabama.

For several weeks now and still it looks like Little Rock, Arkansas is where I am headed next. I worked there for a couple of months in late 2010, before I began this full time away contract work, and will be happy to again even if it turns out to be the last and longest gig of my inspection career. I have had a couple of around two year away work assignment already and they turned out fine.

Fortunately for me, my wife has been willing to drive up and spend time with me on the road. Even my son had two work conferences away from Houston near enough to where I was working at the time so I got to meet with him along the long and winding road of my away work experiences.

Far from regretting anything about my life, even my mess ups, I am glad and grateful. So for those who enjoy reminding me of my sometime miss-steps and miss-adventures, even those who profess to love me the most, family, friends, even myself, I quote Pee Wee Herman back before even his most embarrassing miss-step, actually way back in his first big movie, “I meant to do that.” Yeah, well maybe he or I did not but the Universe thankfully had other plans. Look at the picture quote again. That is to me, so spot on. The really well-lived lives seem to always end with, “I would not have changed a thing, or hallelujah.” Here’s to us all continuing to finish one more well-lived life and who know maybe several more after that.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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