A Good Read

Blog 1685 – 05.02.2020

A Good Read

In another one of my favorite movies Sabrina, both the fifties Humphrey Bogart/Audrey Hepburn and nineties Harrison Ford/Julia Ormand versions, Sabrina says to her dad one of her favorite things about him is that he took a job being chauffeur so that he would have more time to read. Even if I am wrong about many lives not just one for all of us I have through books and movies in this one life led many and varied lives. I have braved the snow covered mountains as Jeremiah Johnson, had sea and sand adventures in a tropical paradise through the eyes and imagination of James Michener, and enjoyed and suffered through literally thousands of other lives. These many lives in my case inspired me not to want to earn my living as a chauffeur but to be at least these last ten or so years a traveling contract inspector so I could see as much of this beautiful blue ball as possible and encounter many more personal perspectives on this life before this go round is over.

Even if I get to retire from full time employment some time in the future, I still plan to keep a working truck and travel trailer so I can continue to travel the back roads of this wonderful country. I am fortunate to have already traveled in all fifty of the United States and been in, to date, eleven other countries outside it. Still there is so much yet to see and experience.

This pandemic has kept most of us sheltering in place, maintaining social distance, hoping to curb the spread of the disease and death. But as the true saying goes, “This, too, shall pass.” I heard just yesterday that there may be a work assignment soon for me in Little Rock, Arkansas. Little Rock was my first away work assignment longer than a few weeks, the one that more than any other helped me to decide that this was the career path for me. Though it has meant long times apart from my wife, son, long-time friends, and home it has helped me pay off my bills, and even put aside money that made this, the longest time that I have ever been off work not only possible, but worry free, and mostly fun. Leaving my wife and home this time is going to be the hardest good-bye yet for both of us.

But, I think we both are ready for some new adventures, apart and together. We both love books, and I movies perhaps more than she. One favorite movie we share is Forest Gump, especially the scene of him recounting all his life’s adventures to his Jenny as she lays sick in bed and dying. When he is finished regaling her with everything he has seen from rainy and starlit nights in Vietnam, to a clear mountain lake and desert sunset out west that both looked like doubled mountains, one on top and one below, where it was impossible to tell where the sky ended and the earth began, Jenny lovingly says, “I wish I could have been there with you.” And Forest simply but sincerely and profoundly replies, “You were.” I carry, my Linda like that with me always wherever I go and I believe she does me as well. We are never any of us truly alone for everyone we ever loved or that loved us is with us still.

Is that not why we love a good story, and so love telling our own, however we choose to do that, spoken, written, or sung words, or pictures, analog, digital, or moving? I love a good story, a good read, and wish you all and myself continued and happy trailers. Those of you I have not met yet, I hope to so I can hear your stories and share mine with you too, face to face.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Hopefully off soon to new adventures in Little Rock, or maybe Michigan, I will let the Universe, who knows me best, pick.


Little Rock

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