How The Story Ends

Blog 1683 – 04.30.2020

How The Story Ends

From as far back as I can remember I have loved listening to well told stories. Before I could read or watched my first movie or TV show, I am sure I was a fan of, as most if not all of us are, a good story. The best stories build and build preparing us for the ending. Even when the ending is not a sad one often just getting to the end itself is a sad thing. Just when we have gotten to know the cast of characters and become familiar with the time and setting it all comes to an abrupt close. In the nineteen seventies, NBC introduced several mini-series, Captains and the Kings and Once An Eagle were two of them and I watched and enjoyed both. I went on to read the popular novels that the mini-series were produced from and have read both thick novels several times. Those two wonderful stories and so many others are a part of me and my story now.

I do not know how my story ends. Oh, like many of you, I have gone back and forth a bit between what Science and the other religions of our age teach as end of story scenarios. Popular science makes a case that we all die like dogs, making they think a lie to the popular animated children’s film, All Dogs Go To Heaven. Many of the other popular religions, past and present, teach a sequel to each of our earthy stories, and several of those purpose decidedly different locales where these continuing stories take place, some hot and horrible and the others lovely and heavenly.

As I said, I am not sure how this story ends or even if it does. The fact is, in my case, for twenty or so years in the middle of this story I rejected the religious stories that I was taught as a child and tried hard to swallow the bitter pill of the scientific theory, that this is all there is. The writer of the book of Ecclesiastes must have been an early scientist for he wrote the story plot consistently “Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die.” Die we all do, except in a few, hard for many to really believe, stories, Jesus’s and Enoch’s coming to mind. The vast majority of people living now and in the past think and thought both of those stories to be suspect of poetic license or that they were just told for effect, the primary one to build money making religious industries. Dreams of pie in the sky in the sweet by and by for us and eternal revenge on those who wrong us are comforting thoughts to some. But I have a sneaky suspicion that there is far more to the story, mine and your own.

We are told and often when especially troubling things happen to us like the deaths of loved ones and close friends that we need closure and to let stories end so that we can get passed them and go on. But do loved ones or their stories ever really end as long as we remember them? One of the biggest reasons that we as people paint, sculpt, sing, write, create art in all it’s many forms, and tell our stories is to be remembered and to live on at least in the memory of others. And we do and they do in ours. In our age of ever increasing computer power it is more and more possible to store pictures, information, and stories digitally to be retrieved at the push of a button. I have to date published over sixteen hundred of these daily blogs that you can read freely just by typing in your search engine – the encouraging word David White. I hope as many have already that more and more will and that even multitudes more will continue to for years to come. I have recorded and also shared over two hundred and fifty each of both Mockingbird (karaoke) songs and my own voice reading children’s books. Why would anyone ever want to spend so much time doing any of those three seemingly unrewarding things and not even for money you might ask. Money is not everything, to me it is and has always been all about the story, his story, her story our story. And that story, I have a sneaky suspicion, never ends but goes on and on, getting better and better, bigger and bigger, as we go higher and higher.

I confess, an evolving continuous story has always had a greater appeal to me than cemeteries with countless stones with a dash between two dates and ever so brief repetitive statements, i.e. Rest In Peace, Beloved Child, Father, Mother, Spouse, Gone But Not Forgotten, etc. Give me a good, long, well-told, continuing story any day.

I think the popularity of binge TV watching today says that others too still enjoy continuing stories.

May we all keep writing and re-writing our own stories all the while enjoying and incorporating others’ stories into our own, the never-ending-story.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

Tune in here tomorrow and the day after where I will be trying my best to tell as best I can our continuing story, at least from my singular perspective on it.

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