What Is Normal After All?

Blog 1678 – 04.25.2020

What Is Normal After All?

People are wondering if things will ever get back to normal. Some of us hope not, if by normal you mean, “The haves continuing to have and the have nots not,” just more of “us versus them,” more delusion confusion with the illusion of “lack,” with “profit and money and advantage over others” ever the goal and one true god.”

If we could change our minds and behavior regarding but one of those things this abnormal time of sickness and death might have greater meaning. If we go back to simply just business as usual we will have learned little or nothing and when tragedy happens again it will be so much worse.

All the news of late has revealed to anyone not completely deceived is that our leaders seem to, most if not all of them, care more about appearances, money, power and political gain than they do the greater good of not just those in position, power or even the majority but all of the people. Some years ago the U.S. Supreme Court, I think wrongly, ruled that a corporation deserved the same rights as an individual which put into law what many of us already suspected was the case, that corporate profits were the god and the goal of business as usual.

As I recall the history of the beginning of our nation and many other nations too, a few folks had gotten pretty tired of the short and so much meaner, leaner end of the stick and left to find a fairer shore with a fairer share deal even if they had to endure trials and work hard to get a slice of the pie. Early on even in our experiment with of government by, for, and of the people we had some pretending some people we less than people. Why in the beginning of our new nation only white, propertied, men were even allowed a vote or a say. That was the normal then, thank goodness, some saw and worked to overturn that normal with an ever improving normal, with all colors, propertied or not , women and men, all sexual orientations having a right to a vote, to a say, to a slice of the pie.

Perhaps in these abnormal times the lesson to be learned is to never be too satisfied with normal but always be looking to make things even better not just for ourselves and our family unit but for the greater good of all of us, not just the corporations, the powerful, the rich, the lighter skinned, and the mostly masculine few but all of us – We the people, the below, the above average, the normal, and the abnormal people. One nation, one world, under heaven, with truth, liberty, justice and a share of the pie, and a care for all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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