You Have and Are The Power To Change Your World

Blog 1675 – 04.23.2020

You Have And Are The Power To Change Your World

It is one of my reoccurring favorite themes that we have nothing and no one else to blame nor to praise for the way our life is going but you-know-who, me for me and you for you. We cannot blame our success or lack of it on good genes, bone structure, or the breaks but only on our own choices and perseverance or lack of it. We are the captains of our fate, the authors of all we survey, the producers, the directors, the cinematographers too, as well as writers and composers of every scene and song in our short or long play.

People who think they are better than somebody else have forgotten who they are and in the same vein people who think they are less than somebody else too have forgotten who they truly are. Giving our power away to someone else is not just a sin against ourselves but a sin against them too. You certainly are spouting cliches today, Crazy Dave. Yeah, well, sometimes just because you’ve heard it so many times that it sounds a bit cliche does not meant it is not true.

Don’t you get tired of trying to blame luck, circumstance, or someone else for everything that comes into your life. Maybe you called it all into being. Second only to an attitude of gratitude, an admission and awareness of personal responsibility is needed for a truly successful and happy life. Are we really up for that or mostly just content to eek out a less than life where someone or something else always gets the blame or ever so rarely the credit? I wonder, if we woke up this morning determined not to leave the course of even this one day to the winds of fate, luck, or happenstance, but took the bull by the horns and yelled, “Ride ‘em, Cowboy” what might be the result. Maybe I have lived too long in Texas but the spirit of Texas is one of those “go your on way come hell or high water” kind of life philosophies. I remember reading that when Davy Crockett, one term U.S. Congressman from my own great state of Tennessee was defeated soundly in his bid for re-election that he dusted off his grip and remarked, “Ya’ll can go to hell, I am going to Texas.” That might not have turned out exactly as he planned or did it? Some of us guys do enjoy being the hero of our own story and orchestrating a nail biting ending.

I guess what I am trying to say is, it is your story, make it a happy and interesting one. That is entirely up to you. Please yourself.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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