Yesterday Again, “What We Resist Persists”

Blog 1669 – 04.17.2020

Yesterday Again, “What We Resist Persists”

The second half of today’s title comes from a quote by famous psychiatrist, Carl Jung referring to what he believed was one of the biggest problems with the way so many of our minds work. I saw it in an email from writer, publisher Rhonda Byrne, author of “The Secret” – in a nutshell that an attitude or gratefulness and gratitude gets us the farthest in, the highest up, and always the very best of – life.

When I was a young lad, like many young lads and lassies, I gave my heart to someone who returned it rejected, bent, and broken. I spent all my high school years and several more mourning, yet not ever really accepting that loss and getting over that rejection. I even wrote the first poem I ever had published in a book, which long I thought my best, about it:

If One Loved

If one was loved
Could he not see
Would he not know
If loved he be?

Should he not cry
The tears he feels
Alone if wished
But if he wills?

And could he say
If she would hear
That ‘twas for her
His every tear?

Is it any wonder for that so many years from the first moment that I heard it, “Yesterday” by the Beatles, was a favorite song. I read somewhere once where some music critic wrote that he too thought that Yesterday was one of the best, if saddest, love songs ever written. But, then many people also think the same of Funny Girl Barbra Streisand’s song “People” that says quite backwardly and wrongly that “people who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” I am quite sure pointing out that error is exactly what Carl Jung had in mind with his above quote.

It is still, I think, a lovely song, no matter who sings it, even me, but more than focusing on a misbegotten belief in yesterday or even a hope for tomorrow the most healthy, whole, and happy, mentally and otherwise, let go of a constant emphasis on either yesterday or tomorrow and focus on the business at hand, today.

Today is indeed the day of salvation for it is the only day we have to make the most of getting it as right as we can. And Doctor Jung, Rhonda Byrne, I, and many others agree, the best way to do that is by letting go of the impossibly heavy to carry baggage of the past and traveling light and carefree through today believing in our hearts that this is the best day of our lives and not mourning for some day passed that we erroneously believed was.

The Muppet’s Band Leader Doctor Tooth has the best prescription, I believe, in his motto that I have made my own: “There’s a party all the time for them that choose.” To which I can only add young Bill and Ted’s favorite salutation, “Party on dude.” But that is enough quoting others, it is what you and I say that matters most. Still, I cannot resist just one more quote, a last drink for the road, a slightly paraphrased one: May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in my sight for I, alone, am its lord and redeemer. We can none of us no matter how hard we try lay that on another day than today nor any other person than ourself.

Though I love so many songs and people from the past, the context for really loving and living is always today. Enjoy the party.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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