1st Day Of Spring & Belated St. Paddy’s Day Gift

Blog 1642 – 03.20.2020

1st Day Of Spring & Belated St. Paddy’s Day Gift

Where I am, still waiting on a new work assignment, in Houston, Texas, it has seemed like spring already for several weeks but that is not all that unusual here. Usually by mid-February the signs of spring are already evident. My friends further north are still experiencing snow and a winter mix of weather. When I arrived home in Houston, just before Christmas there were still green leaves on the trees in our front yard, and though I hoped to be away somewhere on the road working before this, I am glad and grateful that I have gotten to spend the time here with my lovely wife Linda. It has been rare that we have gotten to spend so much time together and especially in Houston since I have been doing contract inspection work out of state the last eight years.

Many marriages might not have survived so much time apart but then others only survive because of it. The jury is still out on ours, which it is, but I guess that is the case for all continuing marriages. Two people trying to blend their dreams, desires, differences together into something they can build on, rely on, and continue sharing is either fool-hardy or fearless, perhaps a bit of both.

As we share the seasons of life, spring is a favorite of many for it’s promise of a new life, a fresh start, with warming temps, and life giving rains. I love rain, but then I love snow too. Warming weather always makes me long for cool breezes and begin thinking of the next snow that I shall see. I have thought for several years that I would like to settle, if I ever do permanently, where I can see year round snow capped mountains outside my window. Much as I appreciate spring, as much as the next man or women, it has a certain melancholy for me now as autumn does for many whose favorite season is summer.

At sixty-nine years of age and intending to live at least to one hundred, I will soon be entering the winter season of this my adventure in time and space. Some, like my dear almost twenty years departed mom, hated getting old, in fact she ended her own life and by her own hand just months before her sixty-ninth birthday. I, on the other hand, look forward to getting older. Life is about adapting to change and those who survive and thrive learn to roll with the punches, and to see each day as a gift, and with a spring in their step keep walking as long as they are able. I hope my legs, my mind, and my heart do not give out till I am done with them.

I further hope to be trying to figure out each day some new way to say, “Be encouraged, Dear Friends” for many mornings yet to come. I hope that you will enjoy this first official day of spring, all of you in the northern temperate zone, and the first day of winter, my friends down under. I just had a thought perhaps some year I will spend my spring in Australia and have that year two winters. I have been lucky to spend the last several years, before this one, where winter was the longer of the four seasons. And, to me after living and working in Houston, Texas where the winter season, if there even is one, is the shortest, that has been a real joy.

I never smoked but recall all the cigarette slogans that blared on the television and radio of my youth. Salem cigarettes long time ad line was, “One puff and it’s springtime.” I have never smoked Marijuana either (Crazy Dave, you really did have a misspent youth) but I am sure that my friends who love spring and Mary Jane feel the Salem ad line true of puffing green stuff too. Though no smoker I still have fun with rhyme most of the time.

On Saint Paddy’s day, one of my favorite days, I sent out to some friends a song version of my traditional Irish poem. Here it is for you with my poetic license re-write of the first few words:


My Paddy’s Day Song

I also attach a link to the poem with it’s original “One day in October” beginning:


My Irish Poem

It has been my custom for some years to recite that poem on St. Patrick’s Day to as many people as I could get to sit or to stand still for it. This year due to social distancing because of the Corona COVID Virus I only emailed the above song to my Daily Mockingbird Song email list. But, now today, a few days late, I share both the song and poem versions with you, my first day of spring/winter and belated St. Paddy’s Day gift to all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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