Why Wait For The Destination, Enjoy The Journey Now

Blog 1630 – 03.07.2020

Why Wait For The Destination, Enjoy The Journey Now

As a small boy in school it seemed Fridays took forever to come and Saturdays and Sundays flew by so fast. How slowly summer vacation and Christmas vacations came around but seemed to last so wonderfully. And so we learned to: “Wait for it.”

The real trick though I am told to more happiness, less boredom, and the need for far less patience is to practice learning a little forgetfulness. Here are the steps, simple really, intend always the best, then forget the rest. “Forget your troubles, come on get happy” the Great Depression era song said. But forgetting our troubles is not enough we must not fixate on our desires either or the ole “Watched pot never boils” theory tries to prove itself over and over again. Enjoyable living is like making wishes and forgetting you made them, how much faster, surprisingly, and sweeter they all in record time come true.

My friend, Mike Dooley, says, and often, “Thoughts become things, choose the good ones.” and “Don’t get caught up in the Cursed Hows.” The way our minds work, though, works against us. We tend to see everything as a problem to be solved and not just a wonderful story enfolding. When we see a problem our minds start turning, churning out potential scenarios to fix it. What if it doesn’t need fixing and we are just making problems for ourselves, like the proverbial firefighter, problem solver, forever creating fires to put out. Trust your loving and infinite source to provide, or as the old Greyhound commercial used to say, “Relax and leave the driving to us.” Ole Gus is an excellent driver and knows the quickest route to get us safely to our desired destination. Picking destinations, that is our part, indeed all the rest is up to the Universe. The more we try to drive the slower it all seems to go anyway.

Someday soon, they say, we will all be riding around in driverless transportation where all we need to do is supply the desired destination and the vehicle does all the rest, no muss, to fuss, safer, faster, and surprisingly with a lot less stress and a lot more fun. Perhaps it is not even really about the destination after all but the journey. As the graffiti artist in the picture today, we should all draw his wise conclusion and “Trust The Journey.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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