Practicing Not For Perfection

Blog 1621 – 02.27.2020

Practicing Not For Perfection

Not for praise just to reveal my skills
A free spirit blows, goes where it wills
Knowing Who’s Who courage instills
With gratitude the heart & mind fills.

Now with over sixteen hundred and twenty blogs posted, I think one can assume that I am at this to stay, although even though I have told a few friends that they need only check the link:

to see if I am still around and have something new or re-thought out to say, that each new one could be my last. I really do try to put something in each one to make it worth the read.

I get offers from time to time about tips, at a price, on how to monetize my blog, but that was never nor is even yet my intent. I started out five years ago intending just to build a following to use as an inducement with a potential publisher to publish a book that I had written about my dearly departed daughter, Emily Elaine White. The book I titled “Emily – The Little Girl Who Sang Her Song To Anyone Who Came Along.” I guess I wanted her to be known by many more than she was in her thirty-two years. I wanted to make her and her songs as widely known as the scared and hidden for the last years of her life little Jewish girl, Anne Frank. Her daddy, publishing her diary, introduced so many of us to her.

I was thrilled yesterday to notice in my blog stats that five people had read a chapter or episode of the Emily book at this site where I have already posted the entire book several times. The title of the episode was “My Boyfriend Drives A Space Ship” from one of Emily’s original songs.

All my memories of Emily are happy ones, for me she did not die, and never will but lives on smiling, laughing, and singing her songs free of charge to anyone who comes along. Several friends of mine that the knew people in the music business told me before Emily got sick that she could become a financial success in Nashville if she would be willing to move there. I told her about them and what they said and she said she loved her life in the Washington, D.C. area and was content. That was about six months before the pain of a tumor took her attention away from song writing and singing and quickly she was gone.

As I said nobody and nothing could ever really take her from her daddy’s heart nor yours I suspect if you heard but one of her songs or read even one chapter about her in my little book. You can hear one of her songs free of charge just by Googling “Dancing With Spock.” That was the name of her band, consisting of her, her guitar, and ukulele (Blondie and Goldie), and her boy friend, Toby, and his sax (I do not recall the name of his sax.)

Also all thirty-two episodes of the Emily book are available here. The First Chapter, “My First Walk With Emily” is featured and easy to find. The others require a lot of scrolling down to find, but if you do it is also possible you might find a picture and or title of another blog catch your interest. Some perhaps better written than others, nobody is perfect after all, not even my Angel Emily, but they are free, and full of encouraging words, if I say so myself.

I hope you will read one and get hooked on the encouraging word and pass the encouraging on as Emily did from the time she could talk, sing, and write.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
Forever fan of Dorothy, Emily and you too,
David White
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Chapters 17 & 18
Over The Rainbow

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