One Love, Interstellar

Blog 1578 – 01.12.2020

One Love, Interstellar

Daddy-daughter love, daughter-daddy love, mother-love, brother-sister love, romantic-love, each and every love, is all but part of the One Great Love. During this time off between work assignments I have be relaxing as much as possible and rewatching many of my favorite movies. One of those is Interstellar with Matthew McConaughey. It is a fascinating epic story about the power of thoughts of love to change things. Central to saving the world and all mankind is a father’s promise to return to his daughter, a young girl with a brilliant mind and even bigger brighter shining heart to believe against all odds that she can help her daddy keep that promise.

I encourage you to see it if you have not and to watch it again if you have. Every time I watch it, I see things I failed to see during the previous viewings. Great books and great movies are always like that.

The young girl, young woman, mature woman, great great grandma, central to the story was named Murphy after Murphy’s Law pictured above. She complains to her father as a young girl and asks him why he and her mom named her after something “bad.” Dad explains that Murphy’s Law is not something bad, that challenging things always have a way of happening and that the gift in all of them is that if we let them they can reveal our problem solving abilities or at least that is what I got out of what he said and what happened in the story.

Someone has said that one of the great keys to success and happiness in life is seeing the great gifts in all of our challenges. We are not intended to take it, to quit trying, to give up when life offers us lemons nor indeed to just make lemonade out of them but rather to make lemon meringue pie. As the pie line goes from another of my favorite movies, Men In Black, when stumped by a particle problem the more experienced agent says to the trainee, “We need pie.” We all need pie and no, not some “pie in the sky in the sweet by and by” but pie right here in the nasty now and now.

Two more movie references in closing from another of my favorite and often watched movies, Serenity:

People don’t like to be meddled with. We tell them what to do, what to think. Don’t run, don’t walk. We’re in their homes and in their heads and we haven’t the right. We’re meddlesome.

I ain’t gonna kill you. Hell, I’m gonna grant your greatest wish. I’m gonna show you a world without sin. I am to misbehave.

This life is not perfect, all you Murphy’s out there. It was never meant to be nor any of the worlds to come, I think. We were made to shine brightest when challenged, not to be stymied by problems and difficulties, but to solve and overcome them. That is why like Mighty Manfred’s Tom Terrific we all came with fully functioning thinking hats. Thoughts become things. If this world is not to our liking, we have only to think a better one.

Your friend and fellow traveler,


David White

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