The Joy Of Reading

Blog 1573 – 01.07.2020

The Joy Of Reading

To date I have recorded myself reading one hundred and seventy children’s books. This project began as a favor to a friend in Wisconsin who for some strange reason thought her first grand daughter might like to hear the sound of my voice reading to her. So my friend sent me some of her two children’s childhood books that she had saved so I could read them to my little reading buddy, Amelia. I started looking for more cool children’s books to read and picked a few names of people from from my Daily Mockingbird Song email list that I thought might have children or grand children that might also enjoy me reading to them too. I really do not know where all this is going or what may come of it but I do know that Baby, me, really enjoys being read to, and reading.

I was as I have mentioned before a very poor reader starting out. If you listen to my David Read’s Children’s Books emails you may notices that even yet I stammer or stumble over a word occasionally or quite often sometimes. The kids, I think, won’t mind for they unlike us are not looking for perfection just some fun along the way. No biggie, an occasional mispronounced word or trip up to them, for stammering and stumbling is how most of us babies learned to talk and walk, those of us who once knew if we no longer seem to that we could and can still do anything as long as we do not quit trying.

I am not the greatest of sports fans and usually only watch playoff games if any. This past weekend, I saw two fun if nail biting Wild Card games go into overtime, one side as usual winning and the other weeping. I was reminded of one of the greater truths that I think I have learned – “Life is not about winning or losing, but winning or learning.” Reading is like life and the joy of discovering all the other lives that we may also live throughout this one, winning and learning.

I intended when I began this blog to pitch my David Reads Children’s Books daily email as I already have several time, but instead I will just pick one of the many favorites that Baby has and share a link to it in case anyone might be interested. Another of those greater truths of life that I have learned is that everything is ours for the asking. It is not hard work, struggle, or education that is the true secret to success and happiness but simply figuring out what we want and believing it is already ours and will come to us at just the right time and in just the right way from our loving and infinite source. Why, we really do not even have to ask, say please, or thank you, though sweet babies learn those are still magic words.

When I was a boy Sears and Montgomery Wards and other department stores had their Christmas Wish Book catalogs for children and adults to look through and find that “perfect gift” to give, to get, or to hope for. All great books are like that – full of the best gifts. Of all the blessings that have already come out of my reading children’s books, to myself, Amelia, and I hope to others, what I hope most is that children, many children young and old, poor readers all in the beginning, will nevertheless learn to love to read and pass that most precious gift along to others.

Marta! Big & Small

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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