First Things First

Blog 1565 – 12.30.2019

First Things First

Oft’ a pic, word, quote starts my mind spinning

Unknown, where I will end up at the beginning

One step further on, greater victories winning

Following clear directions how is that sinning.

The greatest of sins if there ever was even one

Believing we were meant to suffer, not have fun

No great adventure was had till was first begun

Let it never be said, “Life wasted on the young.”

Lead me and please ever into just such temptation

New adventures from boredom, the soul’s salvation

Fear never your own nor another’s eternal damnation

We all once, and forever loved, my heart’s estimation.

If the Universe be for us, then who may oppose

We are where we are today, this path we chose

The freedom to do so from who, whence it came

Actor, Author, Creator, are all One and the same.

God spelled backwards is Dog. Coincidence? I don’t think so, Snoopy.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

Philosopher, and poet,

David White

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