Did You Get What You Wanted For Xmas?

Blog 1562 – 12.27.2019

Did You Get What You Wanted For Xmas?

I did but then, as I have shared often and probably will as long as I have breath or strength to punch a keypad or a touch screen – I am glad and grateful that everything that I could ever want or need is already mine and coming to me at just the right time and in just the right way from my loving and infinite source. Those words came to me “Out if the blue” as the saying goes. But then that is no longer a mystery either for that loving and infinite source is obvious to me now – Little Ole Me or more precisely my higher best self – He/She/We.

If it sounds like I am talking in riddles, I am not. I discovered after wandering in the wilderness for perhaps more than the forty years that just as the children of Israel did, just as Dorothy Gale of Kansas did after a far briefer journey, that Home, Heaven, the Promise Land, and Who and Whose I Am, are all to be found within. The answers to the seemingly greatest mysteries of life and the most consuming questions, “Who Am I?” and “Why Am I Here?” are really quiet simple and have always been known – I am the I Am, the great He/She/We and I am here to let Him, Them, experience it all, everything through me. And you are too.

Now there is the knowledge that really takes the worry out of being close, of being right or wrong, of failing, or disappointing – things we could never ever do even if we tried. It has never really been about doing but being. And while, yes, we are a human being we are at the same time as Jesus was, a divine being. That is the true meaning of Christmas that frankly had been garbled almost beyond recognition even before Christmas became so commercialized that we hardly recognize what the great gift of Christmas truly is. And it is not a baby born in a manger over two thousand years ago but a more recent one that was born on your birthday and mine. God has always loved this world and gives each of his/her beloved children to it and it to them to experience life in all its wonderful incarnations.

All this nonsense about “good and evil” has been a big misunderstanding from the get go. The very idea that the happiness and eternal well-being of a child or all children of the Universe should hinge on the eating or not eating of a piece of fruit is absurd to the ten times ten thousandth power. Love never has nor ever will work like that. This life is not nor has it ever been a test or a trial but has always been meant to be a celebration of love and of life.

In the story, when God was finished creating all there is from nothing (Without Him/Them there is nothing) taking a look at everything He/She/We said, “It is good.” How stupidly we challenge that anytime we say, I hate this or that person or thing or that this or that this person or thing is “bad.” It is all good and until we recognize and accept that we do not know where we are let alone Who and Whose we are.

How many ways can I say or write the same thing over and over? Keep following this blog and we will find that out together. Every road leads eventually home and all thoughts guide us eventually back to the First Thinker.

We have been taught by our own puny little egos to fear, to be afraid of missteps but there never has been nor could be a misstep just a different one opening up a new trail home, offering a new detail of some as yet undiscovered aspect of the wonders of the Universe. You look marvelous high stepping or low stepping. Enjoy the dance. Enjoy the gift. It is you, just the right size, color and fit.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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