One More Snow Before We Go

Blog 1551 – 12.17.2019

One More Snow Before We Go

Soon about to head south at the end of this week I awoke this morning to snow in the north land. I am a southern boy, born and bred, at least this go round. But, I think I must have been a Yankee boy in several of my past lives as it seems I always dream of snow. To me, it makes everything seem prettier like a winter wonderland. Some do not care for snow, or winter, or rain, but think they would be happy with perpetual warm and sunny days. Some also have very narrow taste in foods and people. I think my life is fuller and richer because I let myself love it all.

Still to love any one thing or any one person completely is to know what life is all about. Not just progress, profits, politics, or prophesy but loving. Someone has said the last thing we think of before this adventure is over will not be how much money we made, or what we accomplished in our work but how well we loved.

Did you ever notice how often we can interchange the words “love” and “live” in sentences and say the same thing?” I know we fellows can often seem a bit crude asking one other about or bragging about our “love-life” but love and life are the things that matter most. All else is in support of or in preparation for accomplishing that one goal – to love and be loved.

One of the most haunting songs I ever tried to sing has at it’s heart a love scene, a snow scene:

No Matter How Strong

What a difference just a slight change of view makes in the end of the song and what a wonderful difference in my mind a lovely coating of love like snow makes to everything.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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